Exclusive online video class by Filatov & Karas, multi-platinum electronic music producers


Ellis BradleyMiami
The lesson about labels was eye-opening, and the workshop in general was a real boost for me to write music. Thank you for what you do. I wish Soundclass to develop further, because it's so valuable when professionals share their experience, give valuable advice.
Nora LewisBirmingham
I’m so grateful to the guys for creating Soundclass. This cannot be compared to lessons on YouTube. Everything is top quality, and most importantly, with real professionals in the music industry.
Kasper LarssonStockholm
I needed a real push to get to the next level in production. After seeing the advertisement I visited the website, took the master class and did not regret at all - the level has increased. Special thanks to the authors of the master class for their contribution to the industry!
Amelia AdamsWellington
The format is amazing - clear, to the point, concise. I am quite new to EDM and master classes like this were exactly what I needed. I'm glad that I have learned not only the technical part, but also goal-setting of creating tracks, frankly I think that's the most important thing to know.


  • Soundclass is an edutainment platform which provides premium video classes from electronic and hip hop music proffesionals to customers around the globe

  • Soundclass delivers a world class online inspiration and learning experiences

  • Video classes are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, personal computer and connected devices

  • Electronic music fans

  • Music producers are aiming to improve and enhance their production skills

  • Established artists, willing to broaden their popularity and revenue

  • Amateur DJs and musicians, aiming to pick up on tips and tricks to fasten their career

Each class includes around 20 video stories that are 10 minutes long on average, along with an in-depth workbook

You also get access to our smartphone PWA app, our «Members Only» newsletters, and a membership in global community of people with similar values

With Soundclass, you can get inspiration, enchance your music production skills and get a stright roadmap of your planned music career from the pro level artists, djs, sound producers and performers